Featured Product: Fine Art Prints by Laura Blythman + Pete Cromer


image features Collection of works – by Pete Cromer “Koalala” Fine art print, Enamel Pins, Greeting Cards, Druids

One of the most joyous artistic collaborations happening in Australia, Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer are all about the colour and collage.  Prolific artists in their own right, when these two get together they are bigger than the sum of their parts.  Their label, Enemies Yay, is where you can find collaborative artworks and homewares that offer a colourful blend of their distinct and vibrant style.

Expect to find limited edition art prints, original collages, greeting cards, cement sculptures, as well as art platters and enamel pins featuring the pairs unique designs.  Catch Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer at our Sydney market, which is just a few days away!  For those who can’t make it, you can shop online right here.


Image features Fine Art Prints: Top Left – Laura Blythman “Bliss”, Bottom Left – Pete Cromer “Brightside”, Top Centre – Laura Blythman “Daydreams” , Middle Centre – Pete Cromer “Roo”, Bottom Right – Laura Blythman “Magic Mountain” , Right – Pete Cromer “Maidenhair”


image features Fine Art Prints: Top Left – Pete Cromer “Mushroom”, Bottom Left – Laura Blythman “Night Wandering”, Top Centre – Pete Cromer “Neighbourhood”, Middle Centre – Laura Blythman “Moonlight”, Bottom Right – Pete Cromer “Corella”, Right – Laura Blythman “Jungle Pop”



Image features: Collection of works by Laura Blythman “Bliss” Fine art print, “Rainbow Jungle” Fine art print, Greetings Cards, Birch Trays, Cushions.

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