Featured Product: Table for 2 set by Anekka


Image features table for 2 set – by Anekka

These elegantly designed, artisan table sets by Anekka caught our eye at our Sydney market in December last year.  Sydney based multi-disciplinary designer and artist, Evi O, founded the label in 2014, as a way of bringing together a group of talented makers passionate about beautiful objects.

Each project in their collection has been inspired by minimal lines, designed in Australia after much experimentation with shapes, materials and techniques.  These simple table sets have been carefully made using high quality materials and are individually handcrafted by global artisans.

Check out and buy the full collection online, over on Anekka’s website.



Image features table for 2 set in Nude & White – by Anekka


Image features table for 2 set in White & Black – by Anekka


Image features table for 2 set in Navy & Misty Green – by Anekka


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