Feature Designer [Part 2]: The Storybook Rabbit

The Storybook Rabbit

We’ve been interviewing talented Finders Keepers sellers on our blog since 2009, so we thought it was about time that we caught up with some past features to see where their label is at today!  First cab off the rank is the always adorable Kelly from The Storybook Rabbit who we first featured here.  Kelly has used the Finders Keepers market, combined with her successful Instagram account to grow her bunny centric business into a little bit of an empire!  Read on to learn more…

We interviewed your label in 2010 here.  Tell us how you’ve evolved as a label since then?
In four years I am happy to say The Storybook Rabbit has evolved into a well loved and much larger endeavour than it was in 2010.  I have a cute well-stocked etsy shop selling jewellery, one of a kind handmade items, paper cut artworks and of course the illustrated plates which is what I’ve become most known for.  My collection of illustrated characters has grown and expanded to accommodate a lot more animal species too, including lots of puppies since the addition a few years ago of a little French Bulldog called Wilfred to our own family.  Juno, our Bunny, now has a fur-sibling (the resemblance with the ears is uncanny), and they both make for very cute daily inspiration.

What has been some highlights for The Storybook Rabbit since then?
I have had so many nice experiences in the last few years, a lot of them revolve around meeting incredibly lovely people through The Finders Keepers and also through Instagram.  I have also really enjoyed the special projects that have come my way, from the hundreds of wedding favour plates I made for a special couples’ big day, to the custom plates and illustrations I have created for other occasions like new babies and anniversaries.  I drew a very special pet portrait of a devon rex cat named “Harriet” last year, that was really fun!  I have also been lucky enough to have my work featured in Frankie Spaces, Flow magazine (Dutch and International) and Little Thing magazine in China.

The Storybook Rabbit Illustrated plate

The Storybook Rabbit

The Storybook Rabbit illustrated plates

How much time a week do you dedicate to your label and what does a typical day working involve for you?
I spend the most part of two days a week working on The Storybook Rabbit.  That might include packing orders, working on custom illustrations or custom illustrated plates, or restocking my etsy shop with new bits and pieces.  I enjoy the custom work I do because of the reactions I get from the clients I have, often customers will email me saying they’ve been brought to tears by a piece they’ve recieved or given, which is pretty much the nicest thing you can ever hear about your work.

What would be one piece of advice you would give a first time seller at The Finders Keepers?
Be positive, friendly and don’t stress out!  I think the most successful markets I’ve had have been the funnest ones too, because when you go in with a positive attitude, that rubs off on others around you and makes for a fun environment for both shoppers and sellers.  Try to be as prepared as you can be before the market and then just enjoy the experience on the day.

The Storybook Rabbit paper cut out rabbit

The Storybook Rabbit Kelly White

The Storybook Rabbit

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for The Storybook Rabbit this year.
There is always something fun in the works for the next Finders Keepers market, I’m currently working on some new wallets and handbags for the Sydney AW15 market, because you can never have too many accessories in my opinion, especially if they’re covered in cute little animals!  I’ve also been doing some work with paper cutting which has been a fun change.

Name one resource that your shop and label could not live without. 
Instagram!  I have a lovely and supportive Instagram following and I love sharing my creative process and new creations on there.  It’s a great way to gauge interest on new concepts and ideas, as well as making connections with people who like what you do.  Plus, its just a lot of fun!



The Storybook Rabbit jewellery

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