September 2014 Gift Guide: Spring

Our September Gift Guide is here!  With Spring underway, we thought it’s time to get inspired with this month’s theme, Spring!  We asked guest contributors to share their top 6 favourite indie design items based around Spring, from both Australia and around the world.  These are all special handmade pieces that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even something for yourself!  Make sure you check out our other gift guides too!



Megan from McKean Studio shares her top 6 picks:
1. Queen of Hearts Sugar/Clear Heart Vase by Lovestar
2. Violet Nail Polish by Kester Black
3. ‘For the Roses’ Cotton Dress by Ginny and Jude
4. ’Love’ Limited Edition Print by Laura Blythman
5. ‘Sydney Love’ A3 Gold Foil Limited Edition Print by Megan McKean / McKean Studio
6. Tiny Lion by Bolden


Lucy from Hunting for George shares her top 6 picks:
1. Derby Orange Flower by Rollie Nation
2. Peach Mix Triangle Pot by Pop & Scott
3. Pyramid Purse by Home Work
4. Pinata Party Pillowcase Set from Hunting for George
5. Jules Linen Throw by Caroline Z Hurley
6. Blue Sprinkles Plate by Beneath The Sun


Rabia from Ginny & Jude shares her top 6 picks:
1. Blush Print by Belinda Marshall
2. Bella Super-High Clogs in Petrol by Funkis
3. Bergamot, Tangerine and Geranium Hand Cream by Myrtle & Moss
4. Grace Deep Water Swimsuit in Teal by Siren’s Swimwear
5. San Francisco Souvenir Scarf by McKean Studio
6. Djubi Backpack by Temono


Renee from Baker and Bailey shares her top 6 picks:
1. Super High Malena Yellow Clogs by Funkis
2. Miami Necklace in Pina Colada by Oktoberdee
3. Pretzel Earrings in Terra Cotta by Baker and Bailey
4. Alimony Nail Polish by Trophy Wife & Kester Black
7. Sterling Silver Lotus Ring by Polli
6. Baby Blue Largeish Leather Locket Handbag by Jen Booth



Monique from Staghorn shares her top 6 picks:
1. Moon Pot Citrus Matt by Patterson and Steele
2. Yellow Weave Pillowcases by Fictional Objects
3. Organic Summer Tank by Vege Threads
4. Red Plant Stand Mid Century inspired by Wirely
5. Copper Mason Jar Carrier by Rainy Sunday
6. Squarebob Superbum by Staghorn

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