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Mi Goals Get Shit Done Note Book Diary

FK chats to Adam who is part of a fabulous team of creatives getting things done with their label, Mi Goals!  Helping individuals all over the world achieve their goals and live inspired lives with their stylish range.

Tell us a bit about Mi Goals and what products we can expect to discover?
We create stylish and practical products that help you set goals and take steps to achieve them.  Our hope is that our products challenge and remind individuals to live a truly inspired life, from the moment they wake up, to the time they go to sleep.

With Mi Goals you can expect to discover stationery products that are on trend and visually appealing.  You can also expect to discover tools and insight in those pages that truly can make a difference to your life, if you choose to take action and make it happen.  From diaries, to goals books and get shit done booklets our products all aim to help make a difference.

Who are the team behind Mi Goals and what are their roles?
Right now there are three of us who make up the Mi Goals team.  We all still work our day jobs as we continue to build the Mi Goals brand.  The roles in the team are: Sales and Marketing which I look after, Alec takes care of the design and branding while Anita looks after the social media for Mi Goals. I t’s a small team now but we are starting to look at bringing in talented individuals who believe in the brand and vision and can help us take Mi Goals to the next level.

MiGoals, stationery products, diary, to do, note pads

MiGoals, stationery products, diary, to do list, note pads


How has your creative style developed over time? and what inspires your work?
Our style continues to develop each year with the trends.  From day one the layout and format of our products have stayed consistent; the only change has been the typography and the theme we go for each year.  You could say a big inspiration for our work is Apple, it’s about creating quality and clean designed products that help people do great things.

What is your creative workspace like, and what inspires you about your surroundings?
We all tend to work in our own separate spaces, as we don’t have a head office so to speak.  Speaking for us all our workspaces are generally quite clean and minimal.  Personally what inspires me about my surroundings are the pieces that make up my workspace.  Whether it is a book I am reading or a quote from a Mi Goals product, it’s about surrounding myself with positive triggers, which help me stay focused and on track.

MiGoals, get shit done, not pad, stationery, to do list

MiGoals, stationery products, diary, to do list, note pads, get shit done

What do you love about working with stationery? And what are some of the challenges?
There’s something special about putting pen to paper, call me old school but I have always loved stationery and drawing since a young age.  Also the original idea for Mi Goals was conceived from wanting to create a goal diary for myself to use, as I found it frustrating there were no visually appealing and well-structured products in the market.

The obvious challenge with any local stationery business is manufacturing costs.  Our products are produced locally in Melbourne so the cost per unit is quite high, meaning margins are quite low.  Also another challenge is the effect technology is having on many industries including the stationery market.  However in saying that it is actually also a positive as our vision is to expand the Mi Goals brand into many markets, not just the stationery market.

What new projects are you working on and where would you like to see Mi Goals in the future?
We have just actually launched a few new products, which include a 50-page daily desk pad, and we have just reprinted a new batch of the A6 Get Shit Done Books, which were a huge success last year.  We are also working on introducing workshops this year with our core focus being: Helping individuals go from Good to Awesome.
In terms of where we would like to see Mi Goals in the future, we see Mi Goals becoming a world leading lifestyle brand.  Our goal is to continue to make awesome products that help individuals all over the world achieve their goals and live inspired lives.


MiGoals, get shit done, not pad, stationery, to do list

MiGoals, stationery products, diary, to do list, note pads, get shit done, 2014

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