Sydney SS12 Music Line-up!

Our live music line up announced for the Sydney Markets next weekend Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th December, at Carriageworks. We have a great line-up of local up & coming artists. The live music is FREE for everyone to enjoy. Check out the below for the line up and some snippets of the bio’s of some featured musicians.

Saturday evening – 8th Dec
18:00pm – Blonde Ambition
19:00pm – ROSïE
20:00pm – Patrick James
21:00pm – Rascals and Runaways

Sunday – 9th Dec
10:00am     Jack Shit
12:00pm     Happy Trails
12:45pm     Oh Willy Dear
13:30pm     Katie Whyte and The Pales
14:30pm     DJ Dylabolical

Blonde Ambition6pm Saturday
A short time ahead in a galaxy far too close a Kabbalah of blonde witches are under threat from the oppressive government of Tritus Comediae, whose regime of passively aggressive negligence has blah blah blah and thus resulted in the proliferant belief among the masses that Blondes Are Largely Silly And Ineffective But Really Stilly Quite Fun To Have Around. This is a useful ruse to the Kabbalah, the threat rather coming from the TC government’s total lack of funding support for their ingenious BLONDE AMBITION project, the lobbying for which is hampered by the Kabbalah’s desire to retain the appearance of insubstantiality and thus keep their more covert endeavours in tact.

In a stroke of gene usefulness one night, a lowly anonymous Kabbalah member and self appointed emissary decides: funds must be raised. I will go forth and sing the songs of my blonde sisters, so that they may collect and combine their royalties in order to further the glory of our kith. Project BLONDE AMBITION will FRUIT! Blonde Ambition is an alt folk improvisations of 20th Century Blonde hits…

R O S ï E – 7pm Saturday

ROSïE: “Organic pop, sprinkled with jazz & garnished with a touch of world”

You may have seen her wielding a sitar & traipsing the globe with Oz band Old Man River, or donning an outrageous costume singing her lungs out with Sydney party band, The Bakery, or groovin’ on a Cajon with songstresses Ngaiire and Sarsha Simone. There is no doubt that ROSïE has music oozing from every pore.

An upbringing spent between a boarding school in the Himalayas of India, the laid back shores of Australia & the fast paced buzz of Hong Kong, meant that she has always been surrounded by eclectic sounds, influencing her to create her unique blend of organic pop, jazz & world, and picking up many an unusual instrument along the way.

October 2009 saw ROSïE perform at Spirit of Soul Festival in Sydney, November 2011 she played successful shows at Parramasala Festival, and in May 2012 she was invited to play a headline spot at Takatsuki Jazz Festival in Osaka Japan, as part of her debut solo tour.
With her exciting debut release on the horizon, be sure to watch out for this multi instrument wielding chanteuse.

Patrick James – 8pm Saturday

Off the back of tours with Tim Hart, Howie Day, Jay Brannan, The Paper Kites and his own Headline run throughout the start of 2012, Patrick James has recently released two singles from his forthcoming EP due out March 2013. Both “All About To Change” & “Brighter Lights” are now available on iTunes. The release’s coincided with east coast tours which saw Patrick visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Patrick has just been announced as the Triple J unearthed winner for Port Macquarie’s Festival Of The Sun

Rascals and Runaways
– 9pm Saturday
Rascals & Runaways is a two piece band from Sydney, made up of singer and actress Sarah Klarnet, and instrumentalist/producer Kristjan Garcia Lamerton.
As a relatively new band Rascals & Runaways have received an incredibly warm reception from the local music scene.

Garnering unexpected but flattering comparisons to bands like Beach House, Lykke Li and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rascals & Runaways play an electric live show and hope to see you soon!

JACK SHIT – 10am Sunday

FBi radio rascal and rabid raconteur Jack Shit found his girlfriend at Finders Keepers. She wasn’t cheap – but she’s lasted pretty well!

Happy Trails– 12pm Sunday
Happy Trails is an enigmatic singer songwriter freshly graduated from the Bard’s College near Solitude. He has excellent archery, restoration and destruction skills, and also has a mean one-handed weapon rating. He enjoys The Velvet Underground, Sam Cooke and Lurbuk gro-Dushnikh of Morthal.

Oh Willy Dear – 12:45pm Sunday
Oh Willy Dear! Are singer Daniele Marando and guitarist Dan Babekuhl playing predominately bluegrass styled country music – a departure of sorts from the swampy rock’n’roll blues of their other band The Maladies. They played a mighty impressive set of covers and originals with some quite stunning guitar work from Babekuhl and a reminder of how outstanding Marando’s voice is. His range ran from a tender, almost feminine croon to a strained and crackling howl. Their final song, an original, was one of the highlights and marks them as the perfect support act for Gillian welch if and when she returns to Australia. – Chris Familton – Drum Media Sydney.

Katie Whyte ( and the Pales) – 1:30pm Sunday
Hailing from Sydney, Katie Whyte blends old-world songwriting techniques with modern-day anxieties, all couched in interesting arrangements which manage to compliment the vocal melodies without swamping them.
The term ‘songstress’ is often used pejoratively to describe any female singer-songwriter who writes songs high on musical whimsy and low on insight. Joni Mitchell, for example, is not a ‘songstress’ and likewise, Katie Whyte shouldn’t have this lazy term affixed to her name – at least as long as it suggests one who strums wistfully while saying very little.
Performing a song about stage-fright in a live setting may appear to be a trendily meta exercise – but disregard for a moment the confident swing of the instrumentation and the non-wavering vocal delivery and focus on the lyrical content
“Whyte writes songs of lost love, of no longer feeling sure-footed, of feeling ill at ease. Hitting the studio recently with ARIA-award winning producer Robert F Cranny (Sarah Blasko), the results of these sessions will find their way to a record store near you by the end of the year. These things always take time, but until you can hold the record in your hands, the live show, Katie Whyte and The Pales, is the thing to cling to. Just don’t hold on too tight. Girls hate that!” – The Music Network

DJ DYLABOLICAL – 2:30pm Sunday
DJ DYLABOLICAL is one of Sydney’s finer purveyors of forgotten retro pop, upbeat genre-defying party tunes from all eras and, for lack of a better term, “chilled cheese”. He currently runs the  60s dance party TWIST AND SHOUT and has previously played at the Sydney Festival, the Gumball Festival, Black Cherry, Shameless, Purple Sneakers, This is Not Art and the Underbelly Arts Festival.
“One of Sydney’s best kept secrets” –

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