5 Favourites: Kit Palaskas

Kit Palaskas from My Candy Castle, shares her top 5 faves things at the moment.

5 favourite items I currently love: 

1. Cylinder Bead Necklace by Not Tuesday – I was given a beautiful Not Tuesday necklace for my birthday last year, it’s one of my favourite items of jewellery. I’ve been coveting this one lately. The colour combo is perfect!
2. Handknitted Cacti by Odds&Ends Handmade – I collect succulents but I’m a pretty rotten gardener! It’s comforting to know that these knitted cacti will live forever, and they come in gorgeous vintage pots too.
3. Geometric Tea Towels from Big Things Shop – my dear friend Rebecca stocks the raddest handmade things in her online shop. These tea towels are super colourful and made by an Australia designer, Milkaloom.
4. Tutti Frutti leggings by Uptights – Penny’s designs are unique, comfortable, and so well made! I’m a sucker for fruit print anything so naturally these are at the top of my wish list.
5. Confetti Split Cardigan by All Knitwear – I am a huge fan of All Knitwear and this is my ultimate dream cardigan! I love the colour combinations and cute boxy shape.

5 favourite blog I currently read: 

1. Weekday Carnival – Filled with crisp, colour-filled photography, dreamy styling and innovative DIY projects – this blog is a true feast for the eyes.
2. Raspberri Cupcakes – This lady knows how to bake! Her sugary creations blow my mind!
3. Gems – Mallory has an amazing knack of finding the absolute BEST things on the internet. I love her blog design too.
4. Banana Meet-Cute – I adore Hannah’s blog! Her awesome blog header is just the icing on the cake of awesome finds, design inspiration, and cute stories.
5. Gatopoder – For some reason I am obsessed with cat-related things, but no so much cats themselves. Strange? This blog is made up of nothing but cat related things hence why I love it so much.

5 favourite places I like to visit:

1. Fleetwood Macchiato in Erskineville, Sydney – A cute cafe that I spend most lunch breaks at. The menu is amazing and filled with heaps of options for gluten-free folk like myself, the staff are super nice, there’s fizzy pommegranate cordial, and on top of all of that, it’s named after my favourite band ever.
2. Rojo Rocket in Avoca Beach – A colourful Mexican restaurant on the coast. From its supremely incredible decor to its mariachi band, this place is so rad. Definitely worth a visit if you’re road tripping up that way.
3. Cat Alley in Surry Hills, Sydney – (not officially called Cat Alley) A quirkly laneway near the Cricketers Arms filled with tiny cottages, rambling plants, kooky neighbours, and many, many cats basking in the sun. It’s a hidden gem!
4. The cacti garden at the Sydney Botanical Gardens – a peaceful walled garden filled with EPIC cacti. I always feel like I’m in a pre-historic land when I go there.
5. Gordon’s Bay, Sydney – my favourite swimming spot for summer. I ride my bike there early in the morning when the tide is high and there’s no one around. The water is crystal clear and green like emeralds and you can float on the surface and watch the tropical fish.

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