5 Favourites: Kate Vandermeer

Kate Vandermeer from TheSuperCool, shares her top 5 faves things at the moment.

5 favourite items I currently love: 

1. Drop it like its hot By Dubble You – Discovered this talented artist in Sydney and in love with her quirky take on tea towels. Particularly love the “drop it like its hot” reference – as a fave song of ours!
2. House of Baulch cuff – Because I love me some bling & HOB does it better than most!
3. Bobby chair pillow – Colourful, spliced like a cake and cosy…. the 3 most important ingredients in a cushion!
4. Tinn Lily chain bracelet – A little bit wrist obsessed at moment – the more layers, textures and colour the better!
5. Totem Tree by Kids on The Roof – A dutch company that make their products using recycled cardboard, we love their range and this totem tree is super cute and makes a real statement in nurseries, bedrooms and in studio spaces alike.

5 favourite blogs I currently read:

1. Yellowtrace – a well rounded, inspirational blog about unique interiors, architecture and design. Love the design free thursdays as well.. always so quirky and unusual.
2. Daily Imprint – Interesting interviews with creatives from all disciplines; photographers, stylists, artists, designers, architects etc. Short, snappy and well edited – its a daily dose that keeps me up to date.
3. Design Sponge – An obvious one but a goodie. It’s the mix of products, interesting diy tips and before & after’s that do it for me. Go Grace!
4. Trendwatching – Great way to stay connected with unique consumer and retail trends as well as innovative thinking. Makes me think more big picture.
5. Real Living magazine – I look forward to this arriving and its great ideas, more relaxed interiors style and trying to spot some of our product when its featured!

5 favourite places I like to visit: 

1. Koskela – a recent addition to my Sydney travels – when I come to Sydney I want to eat at Kitchen by Mike and be inspired by Kosklea and its many wonderful finds.
2. Mi Corazon – amazing mexican food in East Brunswick – this place makes me pretend I’m in Mexico! Great interiors with lots of colours and cultural references and just really good food that’s super yummy. We have lots of great nights drinking sangria or mojito’s there with friends!
3. Goma – Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane – not only is this an amazing building, the whole concept and tiny details, the curation, the installations – its all super inspirational. I find it so stimulating from a visual merchandising point of view as well.
4. Aesop stores – anywhere – Every Aesop boutique is worthy of a visit – their attention to detail, their love of keeping things unique to the area they are in (no cookie cutter shop layouts here) and their ability to blend into the surroundings whilst always leaving their own signature is seamless. Serious admiration for this brand!
5. Aireys Inlet / Fairhaven – this is an area on the Great Ocean Road that I love. It’s naturally beautiful, relaxing, reasonably undeveloped (considering its popularity) has the best breakfast burrito ever at Sunny’s Cafe in Airey’s Inlet and is where we got married last year.
It’s the perfect blend of ocean and forest and minute we arrive we always feel at peace and that it’s a special part of the world and only 1.5 hours from Melbourne.

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