Featured Designer: Dubbleyou

FK chats to Sara of fun & quirky label Dubbleyou about her designs, dreams and love of ice cream!

Tell us about your label Dubbleyou and what the concept is behind it?
Dubbleyou is about using simple processes which are true to the material. Different materials lends themselves differently to manufacturing techniques so I try to create objects using as few processes as possible. Dubbleyou is about asking Who, What, Where, Why & When so that each project is considered. Sustainability is so important, but sometimes the need to resolve an idea means that I design objects that I can’t say, are necessarily helpful. I try to find a balance of design which allows me to makes the things that make me smile without impacting on anything too much. Joy is my practice – if you laugh that is the biggest compliment.

What inspired you to start your own label?
Dubbleyou actually began last May for Finders Keepers, my housemate was working for the &company stall and she asked me if I had any ideas on the back burner. I had these ideas for tea towels and it was just the small sharp shove I needed. From there I have been designing and growing my range, I have found people to be so supportive – which is a constant reminder that I am doing the right thing. I was also inspired by people who get a kick out of making things for other people to get a kick out of.

What do you love about working with such a diverse range of products? and what keeps you creatively motivated?
Being able to work with products for the home is so much fun. I find that it is a really social experience, people are always giving me ideas and asking me to design things. I find inspiration in every day objects – I think that motivates me. I am inspired by people who get a kick out of making things for other people to get a kick out of. I have also only had Dubbleyou for a year so I am still running on the high. Light, conversations, music, friends and family, colour are all things that bring ideas to me, I also dream quite a few idea which is always helpful when I am time poor.

What is your workspace like? and what is your creative process?
My studio space is split into two categories messy & not so messy. The messy work (spraying, sanding, gluing, welding, filing, dipping etc) happens in my garage and the not so messy work (cutting, packing, pressing, printing, wrapping, photographing etc) happens in my study which is very nice to work is as it is less chilly. The garage, as wonderful as it is, does get quite cold, layers and spot jogging do the trick for now. My creative process starts with rough drawings and I quite quickly move to illustrator, I can usually visualise how a product is going to work and fit together, which helps speed the process up.

What challenges have you faced starting your own label, and what are some things you love about it?

I do find the sustainable vs affordable balance really hard, I would love to make all the tea towels from sustainability sourced bamboo however the cost makes it impossible. I try to even things out by manufacturing everything locally and really value the relationship I have with my printers and laser cutters. I work full time as a graphic designer so having the time to work on Dubbleyou is always hard, especially when you need to call someone during work hours, but that is what lunch breaks are for. I love that I get to do this on top of the other creative projects I have, it is such a awesome outlet and very fulfilling.

What new projects are you working on and where would you like to see Dubbleyou in the future?
I am currently designing a bird feeder/fruit bowl and connectable planters. The ‘plan’ is to one day open a studio/store/ice creamery (I love ice cream as well as design) and work in my studio running my branding business Buff & Fuzz (designing brand identities for small businesses) while I sell all my products out the front with other Australian/New Zealand designer products. I will also make ice cream because it makes the world a better place. But for now I am enjoying juggling full time work and Dubbleyou as she is.


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