Featured Event: Field Trip

FK chats to Jeremy from The Jacky Winter Group about the upcoming creative conference Field Trip, which is a collaborative event between the Jacky Winter Group and Australian Infront.

Tell us a bit about the concept behind Field Trip?
In a nutshell, we’re getting 7 artists together from the various Jacky Winter agencies, crossing disciplines from Illustration, Motion Graphics, Story boarding, Photography, and more, to present live on stage. They won’t however just be giving keynote presentations featuring their work, rather actually performing a specific aspect of their work live. We are basically bringing the studio on the stage, giving an insight into the actual processes and tools of some of our most successful artists as well as collaborating with other speakers to show how a collaborative commercial project can take shape.

How did the idea come about? and how did the collaboration between Australian Infront & Jacky Winter evolve?
When I first came to Australia over a decade ago, Australian INfront was one of the first communities that I was involved in and have always maintained a very loyal relationship to the brand. When it changed hands a few years ago, there were some close mutual friendships between the new team and some of our Sydney artists, and it was a very organic process between two very like-minded businesses and people. Field Trip was a natural progression of this relationship in many ways, as Jacky Winter had the content and Australian INfront had the audience and platform. Collectively we have both been doing live events for some time and the idea of a conference was always on the cards. That said, we wanted to offer an alternative to the standard event model and figure out a new way to inspire and communicate.

What can we expect as a guest coming to Field Trip to walk away with, that would be different to any other creative conference?
As far as we know, this is a completely new concept in terms of presentation. We are working on an interesting A/V setup to really capture both what happens on screen as well as in person. Whether it works or not is still up in the air. It’s a big experiment that we’re really excited about. Regardless of how it turns out, we are confident that those in attendance will bear witness to something quite interesting.

Where to next? What are some aspirations for Field Trip in 2012 & beyond?
In each aspect of Field Trip as a business there has been significant refining and improving, so I think we’re looking to see how things go in Sydney and Melbourne, find the strong points and expand on them for 2013. There has been significant interest already, so we are simply focusing now on how to produce the best event to our ability.

All the specific details:
Melbourne Event
Friday, 20th April 2012
ACMI, Federation Square Melbourne

All details and ticket options are on our website at www.thefieldtrip.com.au
We’re working on some very exciting venue options for Sydney and hope to announce it in the weeks following the Melbourne event.

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