Blog Crush: Beci Orpin

FK Guest Contributor Jade Suine chats to designer and illustrator Beci Orpin about her blog.

Tell us a little about your blog and why you started it?
Before my blog I was actually pretty anti-blog, but I started it about 3 years ago when I had my website updated with the thought it would be a good way to show new work. I never realised I would like blogging as much as I do and then it seemed people liked to read it too. It has now turned into it’s own thing! I post about pretty much anything that’s going on in my life or head; family, things I like, recent work and holiday pics.

Is there a pattern in your posting habits?
I’m definitely pretty random and hopefully it’s a case of quality over quantity!  Although sometimes I’ll think about certain posts in my head for a while, I’ve never really written them ahead of time. I like to wait until there is something I think is blog-worthy, rather than just putting a post up because I haven’t for a while. It also depends on how busy I am; my work is priority, blogging comes second.

Do you deliberate over the design and layout of your blog?
There’s much deliberating that goes on; when I sit down to write a post it generally takes a few hours.

What do you love most about blogging?
Like most people who have a blog, it’s the sense of community. You can write about your frustrations (and good things too), lots of people leave comments and you feel like you are not alone, especially since my occupation can be a pretty solo business. I also like that it allows me to show a full picture of myself, not just my work but my other interests too. I can also support my friend’s projects which is nice.

Do fans of your work connect with you through your blog?
Yes, some of the comments I get are so nice. People have told me they like my blog because it’s real; I write about the not-so-good times as well as good ones.

Do you have any tips or hints about successfully running your own blog that you would like to share?
To be honest, I don’t really think about my blog in those terms too much (if it’s successful or not). Maybe that’s my tip, do it just for you don’t worry about what your viewers will think. I do try to avoid posting things I have seen on lots of other blogs and keep the content pretty original.

Can you share with us your 5 favourite blogs?
They change all the time but these are some of my blog staples. I pretty much like blogs with lots of pictures and minimal writing (with the exception of Brick House, her writing is the best)!
The Brick House
Intelligent Clashing
Good Things* My sister’s blog, it’s the best way to see what she’s been up to over in Seoul!
Sight Unseen
The Design Files

Has your blog helped you network with other designers?
I think so. Although, I still get surprised when I bump into someone and they know what’s going on in my life because they’ve been reading my blog. So weird!

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