Frankie 2012 Calender & Diary Giveaway

Frankie Magazine are kindly offering a chance to win one of their brand spanking new 2012 Calenders & Diaries! The Frankie Calender has been an ongoing favourite of ours, and we’re always excited to adorn our walls with some lovely art from the calenders. Last year they also brought out a journal version of the popular Calender as well! A little bit of Frankie to use everyday..

The 2012 Daily Journal
Featuring super-sweet illustrations from Melbourne artist Amy Borrell, the Frankie 2012 diary is full of goodness 365 days a year.
With week-to-a-page lay outs, monthly planners and spaces to jot down your best thoughts and ideas, it’s a pretty, cloth-bound pal to carry by your side all year long. This year’s diary also features calling cards to hand out to friends new and old, as well as a secret little pouch so you can stash away those needful bits of paper and other essential goodies.
The Diary is 148 x 190 mm and 152 pages. You can order your copy at

The 2012 Frankie calendar
Printed on top-quality, large format stock and beautifully crafted by the Frankie team, this year’s calendar features works from artists near and far:  Elisabeth Dunker, Ashley G and Drew, Pin Pals, Donna Wilson, Catherine Campbell, Amanda Blake, Anke Weckmann, Nancy Mungcal, Ana Albero, Marjorie Liucci, The Black Apple and Sarah McNeil.

It’s a little bit of Frankie to hang on your wall and help make 2012 a tad more special. The calendar is 260 x 370 mm. You can order your copy at

How to enter?
Simply comment on this blog with an answer to ‘why you need a little bit of Frankie in your life in 2012?’
Make sure you include your email address when you comment (it doesn’t have to be published – we are the only ones that will see it)
Competition closes next Thursday 6th October. We’ll then choose the best (most creative) answer and the winner will be announced next Friday 7th October.

Psst – we also sell these Frankie goodies at our shop Follow in Surry Hills too!



  • Gerda says:

    because life is too short to be boring and my desk at work desperately need Frankie to spice me up! cheeeers~!

  • Saffron says:

    There could be no better way to keep ones thoughts in 2012 than in the loveliness of the Frankie daily journal. Thanks for an opportunity to win one.

  • Lisa says:

    Frankie is the sugar that plants thrive on, the sugar that our bodies feed on but most importantly, the sugar in my tea! I don’t know what I would do without you.

  • kayb says:

    middle aged, fat, menopausal, greying public servant – what else can I say – SAVE MY LIFE

  • Aideen says:

    365 days of FRANKIE! Yay – what could be better?

  • Rachael says:

    So visitors think Im really cool hip, and organised.( When really I am a disorganised mother of two who still dreams she’s back at art school hanging with my oh so cool fellow artists and making things)

  • domestic diva says:

    Who’s everyday life couldn’t use some unusual beauty? I’d love to use these.

  • Audrey says:

    Just because I love frankie, it just should be that simple!

  • michelle says:

    a little bit of frankie will go a long way in our house of girls

  • Alex says:

    Just had a new baby. Now that I’m home more I need lovely things to look at and somewhere to note appointments. Baby brain!

  • Phoebe says:

    So I can stare at the pretty pictures whilst I do my assignments!

  • bec lane says:

    it would make my day, every day!

  • Helen says:

    for joy every day of the year!!

  • Chloe says:

    Oh please oh please! After my life dreams being crushed by missing out on the internship, I might feel like living real life again with such a prize!

  • Jos dudley says:

    Because a little bit of our family is going to Germany on exchange and will need a little bit of frankie to keep her company ( and record her amazing time). Where else will she want to keep her precious memories?

  • Tahlei says:

    I’ve never had Frankie in my life – I can only imagine how good 2012 would be with a Daily Journal to light up my life 🙂

  • katrina says:

    it will brighten up all the study that I will be doing next year!

  • Frankie reminds me that’s it’s okay to be me.
    Next time I rock up to a meeting with my Frankie when all the other professional goofs have black leather compendiums and expensive matching suits… I’ll know that deep down inside, they’re all envious of my Frankie Flair!

  • Keisha says:

    Because I’m one of those people who quite literally cannot get through life without a diary and extensive lists. The Frankie diary and calendar would help maintain my listy sanity in a beautiful way that would encourage me to be more creative and bring a little more happiness and prettyness to my day.

  • Kim P says:

    Frankie is golden sunshine, pretty things, interesting people and goodness… I’ve lacked that this year with death and cancer and sickness and stolen things… Frankie is needed to wash away the bad into 2012! I think it is a well ascertained cure for feeling lethargic and beat up!

  • Adelaide says:

    I need a whole lot of Frankie in my life in 2012 because it is pretty and pretty things make me happy!

  • Abbey says:

    Frankie is like a beautiful light in a very sad, dark room. My little room would not be complete without a Frankie Diary in it. 365 days of Frankie!!! What could be more uplifting? I like to think of my Frankie as pretty clouds rolling the badness and sadness out of my life and brining the happiness and quirkiness back into it. I LOVE Frankie!!!! xo

  • natalija says:

    because the only “literature” I see my daughter ever read is Frankie. She planed her studies and parties in Frankie 2011 diary and I have never seen her more organized. From next term she is in Year 12 .Yikes!. No need to tell how good planing is important there, but with Frankie I,m sure she will have some hearty and cozzy moments too.

  • Bea says:

    Frankly speaking, I would love one of those because I hope next year will be a better year!!

  • Bec says:

    365 days of Frankie is definitely the key,
    to 2012 being the best year it can be.
    The diary is super cute and the calendar is amazing,
    I want both of them so badly it’s making me go crazy.
    As I don’t have much money, The Finders Keepers you are the way,
    For me to be able to have these beautiful products and be able to shout HURRAY!

  • Ash says:

    My iPhone just doesn’t like it when I draw all over it.

  • Louisa Craven says:

    Dear Frankie, my tap into the creative self that lies within me and within others…with the wonderous collaboration of a many beautiful and quirky things made by my fellow others, you bring to my life a consciousness of my own creative ability. This rise in my sense of creative confidence has given me a connective platform to unfold my own inner creative yearnings that i had once only dreamed of. Frankie brings me a sense of belonging, calm, beauty, inspiration and celebration of self expression to glorious life. You rock my world! Thanks.