Featured Designer: Aung

FK chats to Aung from his self titled Sydney based fashion label, Aung.

Can you tell the story about how Aung began?
The first milestone in my career would be showcasing my work as a finalist in the exhibition at the Felissing Design House, in New York and at the UNESCO House in Paris in 1999. That was my first taste of gaining an insight into the fashion industry. After that, I pursued my studies at St George Tafe where I was lucky enough to be spotted by Akira. Soon after working for Akira and the Phillips Longina team, I decided to start my own label and build the Aung brand in the designer market.

What is your own background and what lead you into textiles?
I am originally from Burma, where my parents were from the Karen tribe. Colours and textures played a strong part in my culture and I’ve always been fascinated with its distinctiveness growing up as a child. All my designs reflect a part of my Burmese culture.

Your prints are really distinctive – where do you find inspiration?
My story originates from Burma; it’s my starting point in collating inspiration because it’s what I grew up with.  For this upcoming collection of the new unisex line, I was motivated by the novel “Letter from Burma” and the heroic figure of Aung San Suu Kyi. I was moved by her love for her people of Burma. The rose motif in this collection represent that love, however I characterized them as bright and bold – so that it’s confronting as well.

What has been the biggest reward since you started the label?
The most rewarding experience was seeing the story of my collection come to life,  from the beginning concept to embarking on the unknown journey of what the outcome will be. You never know how the collection really glues itself together until it’s right there in front of you. I go through so many changes from the starting point that the final result is never what I initially envisioned. Creating something that I love and that others can love too is truly rewarding for me.

What are your favourite places to go in Sydney?
MCA gallery is my favourite place for inspiration – there’s a spirituality there through the other creators’ work, its very uplifting.  I also really like outdoor open spaces, so even a walk on the harbour is good.

What exciting things do you have planned for Aung in late 2011?
Late 2011 will see the launch of the first high summer collection, titled “Flora Jargon”. It will be an exciting time to finally see my garments in a handful of boutiques around the country. We will also be launching an online store for limited exclusive pieces throughout the summer.


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