Featured Designer: Tightology

FK talks to Vera, Melbourne based designer of legwear label Tightology

What can we expect to discover from Tightology?
Art for your legs. A world of colours and fresh designs that are fun to wear and look at. An interesting and unique approach to design that changes constantly and has impressed many. Great support for the environment and the local industry.

‘Contemporary, original and ethical legwear’. Can you tell us what inspired you to start Tightology?
Created in Melbourne in 2009 Tightology is a label of a very unique style and was built on the foundation of being original, ethical and Australian made. I had seen some printed tights around, but they were nylon with prints that did not satisfy my desire for a cool pair. I decided to start a business designing just that, contemporary looking tights made out of natural fibres. I also knew that my label would be made locally and be ethical. It took a lot of research and great confidence. We believe in reducing our impact on the environment so we use environmentally friendly methods. Our tights are made from organic cotton, bamboo and wool blend using 100% recycled paper packaging and environmental inks for printing.

I like being spontaneous with my designs and my plans. I sometimes think for days and weeks on end about what I want to do next. Then I change my mind and start thinking afresh again. But what I do know is that I like it when the designs speak to me, or my husband, or my friends. And if they do not speak to any of us they get rejected.

What is your background in and how has it developed to where you are today?
With background in graphic design, I started Tightology to satisfy a personal desire for a unique pair of tights that are good for your legs, good for the environment and very very good to look at. I love illustrations and I love ink. I never saw myself as an illustrator, but I loved what I created so I had to go with my gut feel. The initial designs were quite different to what you see now. I had to tone them down slightly and think retail. I love the balance of our creations. There are pieces for everyone in our collections while retaining a clear Tightology signature.

When did you get started and what were some of the challenges you had to overcome? What has been the most rewarding part so far?
It has been a little bumpy at times and certainly you have doubts about the way you conduct business or deal with people. There were tears and headaches. But the hardest thing for us so far has been manufacturing locally and meeting our expectations. We are now at a place where we feel more comfortable and can look ahead and see where it is we are headed.

I remember seeing the first person wearing my tights at a trade fair and it really made me very proud and very glad we stuck at it and kept being positive. I think if you have a vision and you work towards it focused and strong it can result to something amazing.

Where do you go for inspiration?
The images are designed around a deeply felt interpretation of nature spiced up with some Deco and Art Nouveau inspired detail. So I naturally refer to books a lot, but have a habit of checking blogs most days. One that I constantly look at is http://design-shimmer.blogspot.com.

There is a world of detail and objects that inspire me daily, but I have to step away from my computer to be able and think in a creative way. Architecture, gardens, rocks, pebbles … where do you stop? My little girl Inka usually picks up leaves, flowers, pods, gum nuts and other unusual objects for me.

What plans and hopes do you have for Tightology in 2011?
We are certainly looking at expanding and creating some very interesting garments for Spring Summer 2011. I have the images in my head, I love asymmetry and I love colour so the new designs will have both of the above.


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