Featured Designer: Write to Me

FK chats to sisters Anna & Nicoletta about their stationery range, Write To Me

Introduce your label, Write To Me.
Write To Me is a boutique stationery and giftware company that we started developing late 2009. Each of our products are designed, hand printed and crafted in our Melbourne studio. The basis of Write To Me’s creation is that no one really writes to each other anymore in form of pen, paper and posting or hand delivering. We understand and know how convenient today’s means of written communication is – emails, text messages, social networks (we do use it ourselves!) – however we really wanted to encourage people to write to each other in the old fashion way. It’s such a beautiful warm feeling to know your family and friends have taken the time to write you a note and so much better then getting bills in the letterbox. We like to believe that Write To Me gives people the means to do this.

What are your backgrounds and what different skills do you both bring to the table?
We were brought up in a crafty creative environment. From a young age our mum and grandma would spend hours teaching us to knit, cross stitch, sew, draw – we owe a lot of our skills to them and are so appreciative they gave us the time and patience to learn.
From a “career” point of view, Anna is an Art Director and has spent all her professional life in design. Nicoletta is an Account Manager for a craft company and is involved in the journey of a new line from the development, costing and presenting stages, through to sales and product reviews. Together our skills come together like ying and yang and the partnership works really well. Of course we are sisters and sometimes we don’t always agree, but we seem to work it out without too much heartbreak!
Having a business together is something we have always wanted. We have tried a few different avenues in the past but Write To Me has felt right from the start and we are both having so much fun watching it grow.

Where do you find your ideas and inspiration for your stationery?
Our old childhood books are a big source of inspiration. Mum regularly came home from work with a new book for us as a treat when we were kids. She kept all our books throughout the years and they have recently been found and dusted off to share with the next generation of our family. Also we have photographic memories of our grandparents house when we were little – all the little ceramic animal ornaments, the little telephone table, all the vintage chocolate and cookie tins with sewing stuff in them – these things have inspired a lot of our designs.

Your label is beautifully nostalgic – what other things from the past do you have in your lives which you love?
Our favourite thing from the past is Dads suitcase which he migrated to Australia with 40 years ago. It now carries all our samples when we visit stores. We love it and all the history it holds. Also antique books and books from our childhood, jewellery passed down from our grandmother, mum and dads old super 8 films, old family photos and beautiful antique furniture passed down through generations of both our partners.

What are your favourite parts of Melbourne we might not know about?
We grew up in Melbourne suburbia. Nicoletta lived in Central Australia for a few years and we have both spent time travelling overseas. As beautiful as the desert sky is, croissants in Paris and gelato in Rome, nothing compares to Melbourne life. If I was a tourist, I’d love to visit Melbourne! 
Of course some of our favourite places include Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and High St in Northcote – who doesn’t love these great streets of cafes and shopping!
Perhaps a part of Melbourne which isn’t as well known is the Dandenong Ranges. Our favourite café Earthly Pleasures fills us up with amazing coffee and delicious free range food. There are some beautiful walks through Sherbrooke National Park – a favourite is the Tree Fern Track which is a short walk but takes you deep into the enchanted forest.



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