Featured Designer: The MUP

FK chats to Matt and Harrison from their Sydney based t-shirt label, The MUP

Tell us about your t-shirt label and what we can expect to discover.
“The MUP” is the intangible quality of creative expression, understated style & timelessness from somewhere you wouldn’t expect. We aim to explore the everyday to find the extraordinary. Extracting visually pungent muse’s of subculture and delivering their stories. It is the voice of those not content with the ordinary, for people who find pleasure in the sublime, and see the world beyond their reality.

What are your backgrounds and how did you get started?
Both Harrison & myself travelled similar paths ever since our fathers met at Law school sometime after the dinosaurs became extinct. After High-School we attended the Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts where we learned our craft of creative subverison amongst other bread-winning forms of graphic design. It was sometime in the years after that we explored out similar creative bents in the form of Fashion. It seemed only natural that we embark on a joint venture… enter THE MUP.

Your graphics are fantastic. What inspires you both?
Thanks!! I think we have so many sources of inspiration these days it’s hard to pin down one, but the things that keep us fresh are living in and around the ocean & paying attention to the natural elements. The ‘SILENIT etc LINGUA’ range, translate ‘THE DEAD LANGUAGE’  explores concepts of death, beauty & fear through real insects that happen to show up dead around our homes & studio. We wanted to create a world where these bugs had human fears of irrational things in order to bring audience closer to the natural world.

What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since you began the label?
Seeing your ideas come to life is alway the most rewarding part. We had a vison, executed it, and now were living it. Nothing beautiful ever comes easy so after all the blood, sweat & beers to see a complete stranger walk away wearing one of our artworks with a smile is quite simply, most exciting!

What do you love about Sydney?
That I actually feel the city is finally getting its finger on the pulse of originality & creativity in cahoots with the rest of the world!

What is on the cards for 2011?
Board-shorts Made & loved in Sydney to keep the cats styling in the New Year!


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