Blog Crush: Tabitha Emma

FK Guest Contributor Jade Suine chats to Tabitha of inspiration blog, Tabitha Emma.

Tell us a little about your blog; what do you post about and why did you start it?
I started my blog in 2007, after graduating from Whitehouse in Fashion Design. Early that year I worked in a temporary position at a fashion label but after the job ended I was a bit unsure of where to go next. I discovered etsy and decided to have a go at selling handmade things online. I started the blog as a way to promote my shop and this was when I really discovered the wonders of social networking and buying and selling online. My blog became a bit of a live inspiration board as well as a promotional tool, it was a place I could collate all the wonderful things I found on the internet and share my finds and ideas with others.

My blog has continued to be a place to collect inspiration and internet finds, (I often search my own blog to find things again). It is a way to bounce ideas off other people, to see what they think and I also try to give back to my readers every now and then with the odd giveaway or tutorial.

Did the aesthetic and content of your blog naturally evolve, or are you very structured and particular about what you post?
It has sort of naturally evolved. I just try to keep consistent, there is no real structure, it’s a tad free form! I think the style has changed over time; as I studied graphic design and my design skills improved the style of my blog changed. It began a bit more fashion based but has since evolved to more craft, art, and photography. As interests, tastes, and trends evolve so does my blog.

What do you love most about blogging?

Sharing with others! Before blogs I would run to a friend or send someone an email. I love sharing the things I find so it is nice to have a large audience to share with and say ‘ how cool is this’! Sometimes readers will even share similar things; ‘that’s amazing, have you seen this too?’ I once blogged about how much I liked Fujifilm Instax cameras and a reader actually offered to give me their old one for free!

How much does blogging inspire and motivate you in your own work?
Quite a bit. Because I am constantly on the lookout for things to share, I am always finding great inspiration. I also find it’s a wonderful way to get feedback on my work, which motivates me to keep going. It’s a good way of keeping track of how my style has developed.

Is there a pattern in your posting habits?

My goal is to post daily, but it doesn’t always happen as life can get in the way, or I just haven’t found anything to share that day. When I went back to study graphic design my blog lagged a little as I had so much homework to keep up with that it wasn’t always easy to keep on top of the blog.

Do you have any tips or hints about successfully running your own blog that you would like to share?
Try to post regularly, it keeps people coming back and it keeps the momentum flowing.

Be consistent in style. Occasionally I find things I like that just wouldn’t suit the look/style of my blog so I don’t post it there. I think readers will stick around if you keep to a style.

Give back. I probably need to try harder at this, but it’s always nice to give back. Comment on other people’s blogs, do giveaways, share tutorials, offer discounts.

Can you share with us your 5 favourite blogs?
Picking only 5 is hard as I’m a bit of a blog addict. Here are a few top faves:

Fine Little Day: Everything on this blog is so sweet, original and lovely.

Nubby Twiglet: I find Nubby greatly inspiring in my graphic design career.

Daydream Lily: Liss is so lovely and discovers the most gorgeous photography.

Polli: Soné is always so nice and encouraging and she finds lovely things.

Design is Mine: Always full of inspiration.

Above images are a mix of Tabitha’s own photos & work, and images used from her blog.

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  • Jodie says:

    That was a lovely insight into Tabitha’s blog! Thanks for sharing with us Finders Keepers and Tabitha 🙂 I already follow Tabitha’s blog and she is an inspirational to myself. I also studied Fashion Design and now have my own handmade business. Tabitha is one multi-talented young lady 🙂

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