Featured Arcade Designers: Cubicle

FK chats to Arcade Projects’ Cubicle; A collaboration between Mel from Roger + Peach, Frankie from
The Design Kids
, Melissa from Henryetta, Matt from Matthew Roland, and Megan from The Ever Dazzling.

1. Tell us about your labels
Mel – Roger + Peach is a small handmade women’s wear and accessories label of the girly, cute and feminine variety that has been brought into existence slowly but surely by myself.
Frankie – The Design Kids provides a platform for Australian design graduates and working graphic designers to sell one off/ limited edition pieces. We produce cutting edge design products just for you! Tshirts, posters, giant calendars, badges, mo tape, birthday and Christmas cards, zines – you name it, we make it!
Melissa – Henryetta is a sustainable women’s wear clothing label, dedicated to using only natural and environmentally friendly fabrics, processes and ethical practices.
Matt – Matthew Roland is my little way to share my brain and my thoughts. I love the idea that one of my little drawings could brighten someone’s day even just for a minute or two.
Megan – The Ever Dazzling is a label with an appreciation for the pretty things in life with no age limits. Pieces that will make your nana smile just as much as they would your little sister.

2. What lead you to creating your own label?
Frankie – Being a huge lover of typography and seeing a potential in homewears, and finding small projects and designs that may never see the light of day and making them happen.
Melissa – Trying to contribute in anyway possible to lessen our impact on the environment, while creating something I love.
Matt – I’ve always been one of those people who makes ridiculously unachievable plans for projects that probably won’t ever happen. Matthew Roland really really helps me to put all my thoughts aside and just work on those plans and create.
Megan – What started as a blog name in 2009 quickly stemmed through to a label for the mix of pieces I created as means of university procrastination. A focus on fun animal brooches and paper goods with an emphasis on the usability.

3. Who or what inspires your work?
As a collective; Inspiration comes from warm evenings and ice-creams, afternoon tea and family holidays, light rain and huge umbrellas, cute houses and Japanese barcodes, my 1971 Olympus, handpainted signs, roadtrips, those fun moments that you wish you could keep a snippet of forever.

4. What do you propose to do for your upcoming Arcade Space & what can we expect to discover?
For the Arcade Space you can expect; that giant calendar you can scribble all over, plenty of pastels, homemade cushions, original illustrations, presents for that friend’s birthday you forgot all about, typographic posters for your home, sweet little notebooks, rose tees.. and more!


Pictured from above  1. The Ever Dazzling 2. The Design Kids 3. Roger + Peach 4. Matthew Roland

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