Featured Designer: tHe Horse

FK talks to Scott & Gabrielle from Sydney based shoes label, tHe Horse

Tell us about tHe Horse, and where the name originates from.

The name was something that a friend of ours came up with. It works because of all of the puns and links between shoes and a horse. You can ride them, whip them, teach them new tricks. And the still love you. And each one has its own character.

What are your individual backgrounds and how did you start working together?

Gabrielle worked in Electrical Retail and Scott is a qualified Nurse. We had known each other for about 7 years and had a ‘coffee’ relationship. We would meet up once a week and challenge each other with what we wanted from life and where we wanted to be in the future, all whilst solving the worlds problems. One day we kind of realised that we really do have the same taste in fashion and style and we should do something awesome together.

What inspired you to start your own label and why did it begin?

We had a common interest in shoes… and a distaste for the fact that there were no Australian shoe labels that we liked. So we made our own.

What were some of the challenges you faced starting your own business?

Start up capital and finding a great manufacturer that didn’t use slave labour. We also found it interesting delegating different jobs. We both wanted to do everything, all the time. We have a system now, so it works.

What do you draw on for your creative inspiration?

Current and vintage fashion trends. We like shoes that are solid, with a simple clean design. Shoes that you won’t get sick of after just one season. Shoes that are also well made. That won’t fall apart in your hands, or on your feet.

Whats up next for the Horse?

We have our new range which will be in the warehouse in a week or so. We are pretty excited about that. We are also enjoying building new relationships with some more retailers that have come on board this year. Thats always a treat. A trip to New York would be nice though.


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  • claudia says:

    hot shoes ! the horse looks like a cool, quirky young and flirty new brand and i am excited to see what they become

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