April 2010 Gift Guide: Paper Garden

We are very excited to continue our new monthly Gift Guide feature on our blog. Every month we will have guest contributors sharing their top 5 indie design & art online picks from both Australia and around the world. Last months gift guide was March, based on a Woodland theme; you can see it here. This month we are featuring all things Paper Garden, our guest contributors have scoured their favourite online shops to bring you the below – Enjoy!

Liss Winnel from Daydream Lily shares her top 5 picks for April:

1. Heart Garland by Little Jane St.
2. The Sugar In Your Tea, In My Camomile Dreams by Bespoke Press
3. OKAY Zine by Sir Seven
4. Little Paper Cuts by Catherine Campbell
5. Little Wish Boats by Jurianne Matter

Angela D’Alton from Leeloo shares her top 5 picks for April:

1. Wax Paper Pocket by Upon a Fold
2. Shop.ride.eat by Renee Anne
3. Birdies on a Branch by Lucy Izzy
4. Poppit notelet set by Truth.be.told
5. Paper Chains by Lox + Savvy

Kelly White from Made by White shares her top 5 picks for April:

1. PopCard Balloons by Lian Ng
2. Chandelier by Aymujer
3. Acrylic Doily Silhouettes by Iwannabe
4. Step Into My Parlour by Monpetitfantome
5. Sukie Perpetual Calendar by Sukie

Lyndsay White from Made by White shares her top 5 picks for April:

1. Handmade Paper Puppet by Furzechan
2. The Loveliest Rainfall by Wool and Water
3. Darling Clementine ‘Badger’ Notebook by Lark
4. Kami-Megane Paper Glasses by Azumi Mitsuboshi
5. Find me a Prince by Isabellas Art

Frankie Ratford from The Design Kids shares her top 5 picks for April:

1. I’d Rather Be Thrifting by Ashley G
2. Butterfly Wings by Pink Perch
3. Envelope Books by Jane & Jeremy
4. I’d go into Zone Two for You by Able and Game
5. Note to Self by Alex Ostrowski


  • Em says:

    Great Choices! Those Acrylic Doily Silhouettes look beautiful… but I love all of them!

  • Melanie Lee says:

    Always love visiting your site’ this just makes it all the more enticing’
    Peoples creative wonder’ never ceases to amaze me.
    Great choices and beautiful work!

  • Christy says:

    Love this site. Appreciate all the beauty and perfection of your finds. Have posted this site on my facebook account to share with all my friends. Thank you!

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