Featured Designer: Little Jane St


FK talks to the lovely Alarna from Brisbane based label Little Jane St.

Tell us all about Little Jane St.
At Little Jane St I design, make and sell all sorts of stationery, textile and papery goodness at my shop. As many creative ventures do, Little Jane St sprang from a novel idea: to revive our greeting culture and defy the mushrooming e-card inclination with an inspired line of stationery items.

The Little Jane St boutique stationery collection currently includes hand collaged limited edition greeting cards and gift enclosures, gift tag sets, paper decorations, limited edition prints, signature wrap, personalised gift trinkets, ribbon, paper decoration and other stationery tidbits. All products are delivered to our lovely customers in organic hand-stitched cotton carry bags tied up with string, allowing you to take a little piece of that gift giving thrill for yourself!

How did you come to be a greeting designer?
Originally I was trained and practiced as a graphic designer but upon entering the workforce felt that the kind of work on offer was not really me. I enjoy dabbling in hands on techniques and illustration. Not wanting to give up on my passion I decided to start an online boutique stationery and textile business that would put to work and compliment both my graphic knowledge and design style. It about this time I started calling myself a greeting designer as I evolved from a traditional graphic design career.



Where do you look for inspiration when designing new products?
The materials that feature within the Little Jane St collection, often draw ideas and inspiration from tactile objects, including discarded fabrics, old story books, sewing patterns and ornate objects such as manual typewriters, discarded cutlery and vintage ceramics.

When I am not busy hand-picking vintage materials and all manner of recycled odds and ends from local markets, antique centres and thrift shops, I like to spend my time learning and experimenting with traditional craft methods.

What is your work space like?
My studio can often be found in a state of undeniable disarray, littered by shards of paper, large piles of hoarded textiles, possibly an errant needle and thread, scattered vintage crafting books, materials as I nut out new and upcoming ranges to add to our collection.



You write a blog, do you find that this aids greatly in driving interest to your label? How do you people tend to stumble upon your blog?
My blog has been a fantastic marketing tool! It is a great way to share news and meet other like-minded creatives. People generally stumble upon my blog through other blog contacts or google searches. Many of my stockists have also found my products through the blog.

What can you be found doing in Brisbane when not designing?
Antiqu-ing, op-shopping, visiting cafes, or going to the beach.




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