Featured Designer: Handsom


FK talks to Sam & Henry from new Sydney label Handsom, about their debut range which will be selling at the upcoming Sydney markets.

Tell us about the concept behind Handsom.
Taking a look at classic pieces and redesigning them to give a fresh, contemporary edge.

What can we expect to find in the new range?
Without giving too much away, our new summer range steps away from the preppy ‘theme’, but maintains a continued progression of classic style with a modern edge. Less obvious, more understated… Expect to see more soft tailoring and considered silhouettes, only applying more light-weight fabrics and a subtler colour palette.


What was the inspiration in starting?
We were frustrated at the lack of accessible quality fashion, and we’ve always wanted to work together so it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

What are your backgrounds and what makes you work well together?
We met (and started dating) whilst studying in Leeds, England where Sam obtained her degree in Fashion Design at Leeds school of Art. Henry’s background is Product Design, which he  studied at Leeds University’s School of Mechanical Engineering. We’ve been together ever since, and after 5 years, we know we can say anything to one another… That probably helps!


What lead you to Australia (specifically Sydney) after living in the UK and after studying their together?
We initially came to Sydney as backpackers! No intentions of staying, but we fell in love with the it’s beauty and lifestyle… We soon realised how much opportunity a city like Sydney holds – the industry is  relatively uncluttered in comparison with London. In hindsight, it has been really useful to distance ourselves from where we grew up. Taking a step back, we have been able to consider exactly what it is about English style, culture and heritage that really influences us.

Where do you find inspiration collectively?
We find inspiration everywhere – probably because we spend so much time together! Work and and play, we are always developing our ideas and concepts. We both have a mutual passion for design, (whether it be fashion, furniture or homewares…) so our weekends and vacations are often spent wondering around vintage furniture stores and op shops where we find interesting pieces to inspire our own work. Our English background is probably quite influential too.


How has the journey been so far in starting this very new label?
It’s been emotional! A massive learning curve – as with all new ventures. We’re really lucky to have given so much advice and support along the way, which has helped us masses.

Where would you like to see Handsom in the future and what plans do you have for the label?
Ultimately we’d like Handsom to become a multidisciplinary label, not just fashion. We want to branch out into furniture and homeware design… All in good time! At the moment we are really enjoying developing our brand – it’s great seeing it come to life!



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