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FK talks to Hayley from REread Design. REread Design will be having a stall at the upcoming Brisbane markets.

Tell us all about REread Design.
It’s just me, I work a regular nine to five job as a communications advisor and at night I come home and cut up kids books, blog, talk to my dog and get ready for markets.  I do a few markets in and around Brisbane and sell in several retail outlets so I am always pretty busy brooching,  marketing and trying not to neglect my friends.

How did you come up with the idea for using salvaged children’s books?
In September 2008 I did the trans Siberian with two of my oldest friends.  I wanted to make all three of us matching shirts that said ‘team unorganised’ however I was too unorganised to get my proverbial donkey into gear.   I ended up making three little brooches with ‘team unorganised’ written on the back and we wore them through Russia, Mongolia and China.  They were a bit of a hit, so when I got back I went into production.

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Where do you source the books from? What has been the most inspirational find?
My Mum actually dived into a skip bin and salvaged most of them.  The neighbours about four doors down were moving out and throwing away everything, all their kids books included.  She made about three round trips.  I also scored a giant fan, a pair of ‘doona feet’ and several bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  The local thrift shop also had a plethora of 50 cent finds.

Describe for us your creative process?
Really it’s a matter of cut and paste, yet the words I use for the brooches are pretty fun to pick out.  Like a dog that says ‘lonely for puss’ or a love heart that says ‘line-up please’.  It’s also very therapeutic, I love to make stuff, craft, art, mess.  When I get home I like to unwind with a cup of tea and my little scissors and just zone out with the glue fumes.



What does your work space look like?
Dresden 1945, but with more paper and dog hair.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your business?
Although I won’t be investing in stocks and bonds anytime soon it’s a really good feeling ‘earning’ money from this little venture.  I really put a lot of time and effort into REread, so the pocket money is spent of stuff I want and don’t really need, like a new dress, an iPod I never use and some nice little weekends away with a very special wunderboy.  It’s something I have done myself and nobody else thought of or had the time and inclination to do, so I’m quite proud of that.




  • Poppy says:


  • Robin says:

    Well done

  • Jane says:

    How delightful and unique

  • terry says:

    You are sooooo clever , I cant believe it … where did you come from ???? oh yea ….. me of course … That explains it … x x x x

  • norman says:

    what a load of crap … icant belive people pay money for this stuff…
    just kiding

  • terry says:

    You are so clever……. I dont know where you came from .????? Oh yea … me that explains it ….. x x x x I didnt dive in the skip , they where on top and I just removed them on the way past , sybil had a good walk as well x x x

  • Robyn says:

    Well, as a non-relative, I can say I am a fan of your work from way back and various members of the family are kitted out in your goodies. Best of luck with the Finders Keepers market – you deserve it!

  • Chrisy says:

    Well right off the bat I’d like to say that I’m not part of Miss ReRead’s crazy genetic pool….but I just love her work…the quirkiness of it (inherited?)….the uniqueness (family environment?)…whatever…it’s fabulous!

  • Bec says:

    Oh that first photo is killing me. Can I marry it??

    I love my collection of REread brooches – they are as unique as Hayley herself 🙂

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