Featured Designer: Neu Creative


FK talks to Brisbane designer Yarron from Neu Creative. Neu Creative will be having a stall at the upcoming Brisbane markets.

Tell us about the story behind Neu Creative.
Neu Creative is graphic design platform that allows me to explore a double sided approach to design. The first allows me to work as a designer, creating company identities and print material for promotion and products. The second allows me to explore design on a more personal level, working on projects and ideas to develop a greater portfolio through creative passion.
Neu is a studio that keeps both feet heavy on the pulse of contemporary pop culture, finding inspiration in electronic music, art, film and video games.

What is your background and how did you get started?
After completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries I jumped into a internship at a beverage co. working freelance and sinking my teeth into some big projects, beyond my years. I went back to college and studied Graphic Design through Shillington College which ended up being a huge jump forward for me and in the end landing me a job in music graphics, designing posters for some of the local Brisbane club nights. Starting Neu seemed to be an almost organic process, as I started to build a list of clients and particular projects which allowed me to become creatively free.



When designing how do you keep the ideas flowing?
Music plays a big part in my creative process, If i’m not listening to it, I am collecting cover sleeves for inspiration. Its so easy to get lost in your thoughts and music seems to play and excellent medium to keep ideas and creativity flowing.

What has been the most rewarding part of your business?
I think being creative for a living would be right up there. There’s not a day that goes by where I think I would rather be doing something else.



What projects are you working on at the moment?
On the Business front, Neu is working on an identity for a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, as well as a club night and a few small businesses based in Brisbane. There has also been talk of a logo design for a DJ in the UK… keeping my fingers crossed for that one.  Also in the pipeline is a creative event I am co-hosting with a friend of mine, in a effort to bring an exciting, fresh exhibit idea to Brisbane. I am also busy finishing off prep for the Finders Keepers Markets selling T-shirts, and a collection of prints.

Where are your favourite places to go in Brisbane?
– Shopping at ‘mod cons’ in the Valley.  They are always stocking fresh and strange designer items.
– Eating at Lock ‘n’ Load in West end.  Awesome breakfast, and a lush backyard garden to escape to hustle.
– Drinking at Alloneword bar in the Valley.  Brand new bar, with a brand new vibe. Perfect for a chilled night under the stars.



  • Great signature designs, portfolio and projects on your list. You will go far in Graphic Design and are fast becoming a leader in your field.

  • Max says:

    Haha bias much. x

  • Jan Walker says:

    Innovative designer of exceptional talent. The work he has completed for me has been outstanding!

  • Jan & Spyda says:

    Wonderful work, just love the wolf and the black and white. Thought provoking designs, fingers and toes crossed for the DJ in the UK. Great talent.

  • Margo Gibbs says:

    Awesome designs!

  • Dan Crocodile says:

    Fantastic visuals man, really dig the clours, vibes and direction. You’re sure to do well.

  • Gabrielle Bell says:

    Truly a talented, beautiful young man with wonderful insight, imagination and design techniques. Everyone you know – would certainly have great pride for the person you are, and the work you create. Well done and good luck with the UK project.

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