Featured Designer: Miss Haidee


FK talks to Brisbane designer Haidee from the label Miss Haidee. Her designs will be sold at the upcoming Brisbane markets.

Tell us how Miss Haidee came to be.
I have always been creative, making and selling things from an early age. I used to get in trouble for making fimo brooches at school. The teachers would make me stay after class not to tell me off , no they wanted to buy the badges.
If I stop creating I am not myself, its part of me, it is what makes me me! I have made and sold things since I was eight, my mother was always making things and I would join her making matching outfits for my dolls. Not much has changed, now I am the mother and my daughter wants to make what I am making.

What led you to childrens clothing design?
I still do adults clothing, I just made a friend a really cool tie for his birthday, he loved it. I make adults dresses and racewear , swimwear, summer dresses and jumpsuits. Mainly I concentrate on children’s wear, because it’s a lot more fun. I do have two divine creations (children) to dress so they are all the inspiration you need.



Where do you look for inspiration when designing ?
I love anything retro and vintage. I love the 20’s, 40’s, 60, and 70’s and lucky for me I have a wonderful selection of fabrics from all of these periods. Most of my ideas come at night. I really like the next idea to be better than the last. This does not stand well with consistency in a product but it keeps me well and truly happy. It is a great feeling to see an idea fruitate into a garment that over satisfies the initial idea.

Do you think designing for children differs greatly to designing for adults?
Children have better imaginations, they don’t see it as clothing but something more magical. They love my vintage dresses that have 20 odd different fabrics and patterns and textures in them, its like a big bag of all your favourite sweets in one bag (dress). The boys love my new capes that are attached to a t-shirt that can be worn for hours of super hero fun.



Where would you like to see Miss Haidee designs sold in the future?
I would like to see some of the indie design boutiques stocking children’s wear as well as adults. It’s getting to a stage that the kids clothing is just miniature adult designs and the kids are so much cooler these days.
I would like to branch out to a few overseas cool shops. I recently had a private viewing by request from Ben Harper and Laura Dern. They brought everything from men’s, women’s and for their kids, even my samples. I had to go back to my studio from their hotel to get more. Moments like that reassure you that your on the right track.

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting a business?
Staying Australian made is for sure the hardest. Finding people to sew for me as its vintage fabric and not mass produced, and stocking shops as it’s all so unique and people always want the one in the picture!!!!



  • Well done Haidee such beautiful designs will have to chat about dressing my 2 little treasures when we deliver your cupcakes 🙂 Nikki

  • Lena says:

    Gorgeous designs and such a talented girl. I must say when I first saw Haidee’s creations, they reminded me of my own childhood. The doilies, the linen, the tablecloths. Who knew, that these items could be created into the most gorgeous girls clothing ever! Every item is just so unique and so very vintage. Her talent and passion is so evident in her clothing, just devine 🙂

  • Brooke says:

    I just love the Miss Haidee clothes. I have 4 dresses already and no child to put them on….5 months pregnant, hope it’s a girl!

  • Danielle says:

    Love, love Miss Haidee designs. I have purchased many outfits for my 2 kids (boy and a girl) and introduced as many of my friends who have kids, cause i luv to share the things i find that excite me with others….

  • Beck says:

    What gorgeous photos! Just love Miss Haidee designs. My daughter Ruby has two different dresses and the they are both amazing. The one off vintage dresses are just divine and whenever my daughter wear hers she always gets lots of compliments. You are a very talented lady Haidee and I encourage everyone to but one of your designs. You will not be disappointed! Can’t wait to buy me next Miss Haidee design…..

  • Sarah says:

    i have been a fan from the beginning and am so impressed with the creativity that miss haidee oooooozzzzzes.. keep it up haideeeee. my kids will be MH models ones day.

  • Jandy says:

    not only are Miss Haidee designs gorgeous but they are such good quality. My little girl is two and is into everything. Not many brands pass the Mia test but we both love miss haidee!!! I have a few tom boy items that my son has passed on to Mia and they are still in great condition and suit little girls too. Well done Miss Haidee!!!

  • Klaus says:

    Love the photography!

    very cute stuff!

  • mellie says:

    they are totally devine…we have many miss haidee pieces at our house…one particular dress grew with the little princess from a maxi to a layer over jeans…travelled with us to asia for 3 months and again for a shorter trip after that & is still as good as new-fab quality!

  • Danielle says:

    I love you Miss Haidee, i love the way you fuse old school charm with new school spunk.
    gorgeous. i wish i could dress my kids in your clothes every day!

  • totally understand the diffculty of keeping It Australian Made and relate to they all want; need ;love the one in the picture.

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