Featured Designer: LOLA & BAILEY


What lead you to jewellery design?
We both live by the mantra that accessories really do maketh the outfit so it seemed fitting to launch L&B with a jewellery collection. With 6 collections under our belt we’ve decided to spread our wings and have launched a range of 1950s inspired vinyl decals called “Shaddow puppets”.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
We love working with any material and working across a broad range of mediums – we’re pretty fickle like that. At the moment we’re loving enamel, aluminium and clashing combinations of materials and colours, such as hard versus soft.


What inspired you to start your own label?
Largely we’re motivated by the desire to be the masters of our own destiny. Building a brand has been immensely satisfying from seeing people wearing our jewellery to appearing in magazines like New York’s famed Nylon magazine and a love for what we do go keeps us going.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
We draw inspiration from a kaleidoscope of love, life and everything in between. From a vintage Pashley bike, a great song, or old Edie Sedgwick posters to a great night out with friends.


What other areas of design are you interested in?
We consider L&B to be more of a “design practice” than a label, we work across a broad range of channels; anything from jewellery and homewares to branding and interiors.

What has been the biggest step for you in establishing Lola & Bailey?

Taking the first step was and is always the hardest. After that it seemed like a natural progression and within the first 2 months of launching L&B, we were showing at Sydney Fashion Week. Ongoing, the problem seems to be too many fingers and not enough pies!

Where to from here? What are your plans for the future?
With 30 hand picked retailers, we’re focusing on expanding that number both nationally and internationally as well as trying to grow our online store – lolaandbailey.bigcartel.com In between that we’re working on a variety of freelance projects, and launching three new collections over the next few months!

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