AVA Designs

AVA Designs

An AVA garment shines in a crowd.

Designed in Perth, WA, the label is a slow fashion movement, offering limited edition garments and using vintage or recycled fabric, which are all made through fair trade practices in Indonesia. 

All of AVA's garments are influenced by the classic and timeless styles that our dressmaker grandmother passed on to us, resulting in our commitment to provide versatile garments that you'd want to wear everywhere, every time. 

Every piece from us to you is hand made because we believe in quality and offering garments that will last and are comfortable. 

Finally, here at AVA we believe in offering garments that are affordable. Hence we are always on the lookout for innovative and creative ways to provide our designs easily and directly to you. 

We look forward to sharing our passion for timeless, elegant, quality and affordable designs with you.